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Waterbeads nz

Water beads is fun. We recommend that you only play with it when the children no longer put anything uncontrollably in their mouth. The balls are made of polymers, also known as superabsorbents . This is actually what is in baby diapers and absorbs moisture - often in a smaller granule form and combined with additional layers. They are said to be biodegradable and harmless, but I would still make sure that no one eats them. And something else about the sustainability of the water pearls   Waterbeads nz Superabsorbents are biodegradable and not plastic waste. We used it for about 5 months. Yes, we threw them away. But there is a better solution: you can "bury" them in a larger flowerpot with a decent goodbye. According to this link here you can mix them with normal flower potting so that we loosen up the existing soil and continue to function as a water reservoir. Get your water beads in New Zealand at:

Failed projects yielded important inventions

The famous American inventor Thomas Alva Edison could never have imagined the turn of his invention when he patented his electric pen in 1876. The pen was intended as an aid for copying handwritten texts. O'Reilly, however, saw completely different possibilities for Edison's invention. O'Reilly, a well-known, enterprising tattoo artist, visited a store that sold Edison's pen and attended a demonstration. It gave him an idea, InventHelp Prototype and so in 1891 he applied for a patent for the world's first electric tattoo machine - based on the technology of the electric pen. The new machine revolutionized the tattoo industry and soon replaced the old, traditional methods, where a tattoo was made by manually scratching and pricking ink on the skin.


Do you have an awesome invention brewing inside your head? If releasing your own product is something you dream of, then you will need to consult with patent invention services. Why do you need a patent? The reason is simple: InventHelp Patent to prevent copycat and knock-off products that could steal some of your consumers. Filing a patent is a complex process, which is why you need to enlist the aid of professional service to make the logistics as hassle-free as possible. Make no mistake about it; filing for a patent is a cumbersome process, and in some instances requires the help of an attorney. Even then, not all patent applications are approved. An idea alone is not enough to get a patent greenlit.


Before you even consider turning your idea into a marketable product, it’s important that you patent your idea first. Only certain things can be patented: for instance, acts of nature can’t be patented, but ideas related to brand new tools (read: never previously attempted) or even new manufacturing processes could be patented. InventHelp Idea Furthermore, for an idea to be patented, it needs to be utterly unique and original: you can’t patent an invention or product that already exists in some other form, and you can’t patent an idea or manufacturing method that’s already common knowledge.

Invention Marketing is Crucial to Inventor Success

“It all starts with an idea.” That may be true, but the process of getting from “having an idea” to “making a profit” isn't quite as romantic as you may believe. Your idea may be revolutionary, but without an effective invention marketing strategy, InventHelp Idea even the best inventions may never see the light of day. If you have an idea for a new product, you simply can't afford to have a marketing plan and a team of experienced invention agents behind you. Your agents will guide you along the way, but familiarizing yourself with some of the key aspects of invention marketing will help you to be more confident in your idea and more successful when it's time to start selling.

Difference between Invention, Innovation and creativity

Innovation comes in many forms. Unfortunately, the term is often confused with an invention. However, an invention is not an innovation, but innovation is an invention. Quite confusing. This article will create clarity in the different terms that are not the same but are related to each other: creativity, invention and innovation. InventHelp Innovation If we look at the innovation literature, there are some clear differences between the three terms that are related but do not mean the same thing. Through the explanation of creativity and an invention, the question will ultimately be answered: What is innovation?